Attention Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs: Do you LOVE what you do? 

Discover How Passionate Entrepreneurs 

Turning Their Passion Into Profits

And Growing Their Businesses Without Being A "Business Guru"!

So you gotta business you’ve ignited your passion and you wanna share it with the world....question is!? Are you monetizing? Maximizing? And creating the impact you deserve and desire?

If the answer is no, you are in the right place and you need to join us for The Passionpreneur Summit! 

5 Days  | 30+ Presentations from Expert Speakers | All FREE!

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Summit starts August 10th at 9am EST

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Are You Pulling Your Hair Out?
  • It could be because of a global pandemic...
  • ​It could be that you don't have all the resources a business owner needs...
  • ​It could be that you are self-sabotaging your business...
  • ​It could be are letting your heart run your business...
  • ​It might be that the OLD marketing methods just aren't working anymore.....

"Are You Ready to Take Action To Grow
Your Business?"

Learn Secrets From 30+ Experts over 5 Days Who Have Turned Their Passion Into Profits...

AND Are THRIVING In Today's Economy!

On "The Passionpreneur Summit", 
You'll Learn From: 

Blaney Teal

"How To Attract Your Ideal Client With A Challenge Event No Matter What You Sell!"

Forbes Riley

"Permission To Be $uccessful"

Courtney Epps

"Why You'd Be Brain Dead Not To Have A Home-Based Business"

Lindsay Padilla

"7 EASY Ways To Use Audio to Stand Out in Your Market!"

Gerry Robert

"8 Steps to Publishing Success"

Sarah Bauling

"Crafting Your Perfect Pitch"

Kate Unger

"The Power of Colour. 7 Seconds To Impact!"

Eric Twiggs

"The Discipline Of Now; A Five Step Plan To Beat Procrastination"

Jill Lublin

"How To Stay Visible During Troubled Times"

Ash Shukla

"7 Energies That Are Costing you $2,400 Per Second"

Janice Chaka

"Growth Without Burnout"

Luke Harlan

"Breakthrough Transformation: Discover The 4 Shifts to Thrive Personally & Profit Professionally" 

Cathy Nesbitt

"How Laughter Lifted Me Up"

Karem Mieses

"Plan2Profit: 3 Strategies to Create Consistent Income Sanely" 

Ann Brennan

"Making The Most of Your Content Marketing"

Melissa Mackey

"Make Money With Your Message By Moving Online"

Todd Collins

"Brandication: Branding Yourself In A New World"

Laureen Shefchik

"Is Your Business Stuck? Let's Release Some Trapped Emotions!"

Erin Harrigan

"The Hustle with Heart Formula: Bridging Faith+Health+Business For Lasting Success" 

Robert Commodari

"Living a Fulfilling Life!"

Robin Smith

"How To Grow Your Community Effortlessly With Instagram"

Vincent Baker

"The 5 Pillars of the Internet: Without Them Your Business Will Fall Apart"

Nancy Gaskins

"All The Right Connections: How To Leverage The Power Of Your Connections To Exponentially Grow Your Business"

Julia Barnes

"PROFIT FROM YOUR KNOWLEDGE: How to Turn Your Knowledge, Results, Expertise or Story into a Bankable Course"

Dr. Aparajita (AJ) Jeedigunta

"The 5 Best Kept Secrets to Build Inclusion, Intentionally!"

Travis Lee

“Grow Your Business With OUTRAGEOUS Direct Mail Campaigns, Designed to Attract and Convert Leads to Customers.”

Trainer Jane

"Identifying Ideal Collaboration Partners"

Chantel Sourmis

"LinkedIn: From Basic to Brilliant"

Stephanie Bonte-Lebair

"It's Not Rocket Science, It's Personality Science"

Laurel Portie

"The Online Marketing Strategy That Will Never Fail"

Tara Louise

"How To Write Words That Sell Without Being A Spammy Pammy"

Amethyst Mahoney

"5 Ways To Create Deeply Transformational Programs That Will Leave Your Clients Begging To Sign Up With You"

Eileen Galbraith 

"Maximize Your Capital & Annihilate Financial Disarray"

David Breth

"The Secret to Perception Marketing"


And My Passionpreneur Experts Could Help You Radically
Transform Your Business!

Here's how confident I am that these superstars can help you achieve your goals...

I'm going to GIFT YOU access to all 30+ of these rockstar training presentations FOR FREE! (Normally $297.) 

Each presentation will be available for 24 hours so you can watch them live or catch the replay if needed!

My passion is to help business owners like you achieve your financial goals, fulfill your dreams, and create the lifestyle you crave.

What if just ONE of these presentations... just one of the strategies... just one of these secrets gives you the fuel to turn your passion into profits and change your life? Wouldn't that be worth a few hours of your time?

"The Passionpreneur Summit" will run from Monday, August 10 to Friday, August 14th with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.

Since this is a virtual summit, you can tune in from the comfort of your home or office. Be sure to grab some snacks, plenty of water (or beverage of choice), pen and paper and watch all the presentations each day or choose a few each day that work into your schedule.

Presentations will be 30-45 minutes in length and will be available for 24-hours to encourage you to stop waiting for the right time and take action now versus later. As as a bonus, each speaker will provide you with a free worksheet, cheatsheet or other resource to help you implement what you have learned. 

You will also have access to a private Summit Facebook group where we'll be live streaming the presentations, having LIVE  Q & A with speakers as well as plenty of networking with summit attendees and speakers.

After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the Summit All-Access Pass. That means you'll get LIFETIME access to ALL the presentations with transcriptions, two exclusive networking experiences for pass holders only, premium bonuses from our speakers, Podcasts of all presentations and more! You won't want to miss out on all the perks of upgrading! 
This is NOT your average online summit.

There are lots of summits, trainings, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?

First, this summit was created especially for entrepreneurs and business owners that love what the do. Those that feel that fire in their belly but maybe have not figured out how to run the business side of things. But it is also for those seeking to take their passion and turn it into a business. Those that are at the beginning stages of launching as well. Either way, every single presentation is specialized for someone in YOUR shoes, making it a whole lot more impactful.

But most importantly, we're not here to add to your plate. Our goal is to help you optimize your business in a way that makes your business more simple, efficient, profitable and stress-free.

Meet Your Host

Hey! I’m Blaney!

My friends call me a "Serial Entrepreneur". My colleagues call me the "Networking Queen" and "Tech Guru". But first and foremost, I am a Mom who has a passion for business and helping others succeed.

Through the years, I have taken several of my passions and turned them into profitable businesses. And now it's my turn to help you do the same. I have found that sometimes, having a passion or being passionate is not enough to create success. It takes a mentor and coach to open your mind to what is possible.

I created this summit to help you to fix the pieces of your business that aren’t working well so you can become more profitable, efficient, and stress-free.

I want To MAKE SURE You Watch and IMPLEMENT What You Learn From These Trainings...

So You Get a FREE Pass To Watch Each of the Presentations For 24 Hours.

After That, They're Gone.

Now it's UP TO YOU.

To make this happen, block off the time to DO THIS. Go through all the expert training presentations...

Take notes and put what they show you into action...

And Start Turning Your Passion Into Profits

ONE Strategy Is All It Takes To...
  • Transform your business
  • Change your life
  • Live your dream
Take your business, your passion, your new venture, or your practice to places you never imagined.

Take advantage of it NOW.

Here's Just A Taste Of All The Goodness
You Get Inside The Passionpreneur Summit

  • Connect with hundreds of like-minded business professionals LIKE YOU
  • ​​How to find abundance and stop the money blocks in your life
  • How to get out of your own way to thrive in this new way of doing business
  • ​How to convert more of your audience into PAYING customers
  • ​3 super NINJA tricks to outsmart the Facebook algorithm
  • ​How spending just $5 a day on Facebook ads can boost your business
  • Learn the benefits of an intentionally inclusive mindset
  • ​7 marketing strategies that only the top 10% are abiding by 
  • ​Learn the importance and impact of leveraging the right colors to get your results
  • How to prospect without being "one of those" people
  • ​How to use hashtags to hyper-focus in on your audience
  • ​How not owning a business could be harmful to your taxes
  • 7 energies that are costing you $2,400 per second
  • ​​How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to get found & get business
  • Learn techniques to incorporate the "genie effect" into your business strategy
  • How to take one piece of content and repurpose in a powerful way
  • ​Where to get funds and investors for your business
  • ​Why laughter is the best medicine. Learn how to get your daily dose
  • ​How to network on and off line to build real and lasting relationships

And That's Just For Starters!

So that's it.

30 Incredible Training Presentations for FREE.

All you have to do is COMMIT.
  • Commit to REGISTER
  • Commit to SHOW UP
  • Commit to IMPLEMENT
Most importantly, a commitment to YOURSELF to take the reigns and DO IT... NOW!

No Distractions.
No Excuses.
No Delays.

Here's your golden opportunity to make a major difference in your business...

...and in the WAY you do business.

You don't know what will make the shift from taking your passion to profits.

Can't wait to see you on the inside!
P.S. Did you skip to the bottom? No worries. Here's what you get with your FREE Registration.

Full ACCESS for 24 hours to each of the 30 exclusive Passionpreneur training presentations from business and marketing experts.

Each of these superstars will show you step by step what you can do to turn your passion into a profitable business.

You'll get all the strategies, formulas, secrets, and tips for executing the plan that's right for you and your business.

All you gotta do is REGISTER now.

Don't Take My Word For It...

Frequently Asked Questions

   Is this just for existing business owners?
No, of course not! If you are thinking of starting a business doing something you love, then why not start it out right! Get the skills and knowledge to start your business off on the right track!
  When is the event happening?
The main portion of the summit runs from Monday, August 10 - Friday, August 14, 2020. We'll be kicking off the Summit on Sunday, August 9th at 6 PM EST with an opening call but the Facebook community will be available right away when you get your ticket!
  How long will the replay videos be available?
Each video will be available for 24-hours in the private Facebook group. However, you can grab an All-Access Pass to get lifetime access to all the videos and worksheets, along with other amazing bonuses from the speakers!
  Will the speakers get my email address?
No way! The only person you'll get emails from after you sign up is me, Blaney. That's so you can get all the updates for the summit and links to each day's videos. After the summit is over, you'll continue to hear from me, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

As for the speakers, the only way your email address will be shared with them is if you opt-in for their freebie or worksheet during their presentation. That way, you only hear from the people you really love and don't have to worry about getting added to 20+ email lists that you're not interested in.

Learn more in our Privacy Policy.
  Are the presentations LIVE?
To avoid tech glitches, save my sanity, and keep things easy for the speakers, the presentations are pre-recorded and will be streamed LIVE and the speakers will be on at the end of "LIVE" to answer questions. 
  Are you still accepting speakers or affiliates?
As of right now, we are affiliates. If you're interested in affiliate details, go here.
  Do you accept sponsors?
We have a limited number of sponsorships available. If you're interested in sponsoring The Passionpreneur Summit, email
  Is this summit accessible? Are videos captioned?
All presentations have closed captioning. Notes are also available for each presentation with our upgrade options that you’ll see after registering for the event. Please reach out if there’s anything we can do to ensure you’re able to enjoy this event.!
  I still have questions?
No problem! Shoot an email over to and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.